Yogacore with Connie Oliwa CYT, RHN

Questions and Answers

What  is Yogacore?

Yogacore is a fitness based functional core training program that infuses a yin/yang style yoga to improve strength, balance & flexibility. We learn to train the body intensely while calming the mind. 

Who Is This Style of Training For? 

Everyone. Yogacore training compliments our gym workouts & our sports, by keeping our joints & connective tissues healthy. By developing a strong core, lower back, improving our balance & posture , we are able to perform daily activities with less effort. Less strain on our joints. 

Is There A Spiritual Component to Yogacore? 

You will learn tools to help calm the mind and improve oxygen efficiency by breathing more effectively. There is no traditional spiritual component. Yogacore teaches us to train hard in a calm manner. This is a functional yoga program designed to compliment all training styles .

What Is Yin/Yang Yoga? 

Yin yoga is longer, calmer, non muscular engagement stretches designed to allow the connective tissues & fascia to relax, improving stability & mobility in and around our joints. You know the stretches you should be doing after your workout, but sometimes don’t? That’s Yin. 

Yang stretches are more typical of what we normally do in the gym as they require our muscles to be engaged to protect our joints while lengthening & stretching them. 

What does the CYT & RHN designations mean?  

I am a Certified Yoga Trainer thru and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist thru the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 

I started my fitness career as a personal trainer in Whistler, BC 25 years ago. I became a yoga instructor 15 years ago, a yoga trainer 6 years ago and a nutritionist  4 years ago. 

“Eat real food,  not too much food. & mostly plants.”

“Exercise is just movement. So move your body in a variety of ways, everyday.”

About Yogacore

Yogacore Health Mgmt.

Connie Oliwa CYT, RHN

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Private & Small Group Training, Yogacore Classes, Nutrition & Detox Programs 

Yogacore Health Mgmt. owned by Connie Oliwa, Certified Yoga Trainer & Registered Holistic Nutritionist, now offers private functional core & yoga training, small group programs, classes,  nutrition & detox programs exclusively at Jim’s Gym.