Featured Exercise - The Step Up

This highlighted exercise is the Step Up, an excellent all-around exercise for all age groups.

The  step up can be performed using variable heights depending upon the  desired degree of difficulty. The exercise can also be increased in  difficulty by having the participant carry weights in their hands or on  their shoulders.

To  begin, a stable platform to step up on is required. Depending upon the  challenge required the platform height should fall within the eight to  twenty-four inch range. Regardless of the fitness level of the  participant the platform height should not be such that the performer’s  thigh (upper leg) substantially exceeds a parallel orientation with the  ground during the step up phase.This highlighted exercise is the Step  Up, an excellent all-around exercise for all age groups.


For  the exercise the participant should face the step, box or bench  approximately six to eight inches back. Begin the exercise by standing  tall, lean forward raising the right leg up on to the platform  lifting the body up and over the working leg. Come to full height on the  platform with the right leg before bringing the left leg up on to the  platform. Stand at full height before stepping down with the right  leg first (the same leg you started with). Repeat the procedure with the  right leg ten times with the right leg before switching to the left  leg, once again performing ten repetitions. Start off with a lower  height platform to acclimatize to the exercise. As the body adapts the  height can be gradually increased to a maximum of an approximately thigh  parallel position. After this point the exercise can be increased  in difficulty by carrying progressively increasing weights.  


​One  special note – where many individuals fail with this exercise is by not  rising to full height using the exercising leg before bringing up the  trailing leg.