Featured Exercise

Overhead Press / Jerk

I  would like to present an exercise series which is commonly done but  often incorrectly.  The exercise series is the Overhead Press/Jerk group  of exercises. As the name implies these exercises involve pressing or  jerking a weight(s) over head. The exercises can be done from a standing  or seated position. They can be performed with barbells, dumbbells,  bands, cables, medicine balls or basically any object which provides  resistance for the user. They can be done in a slower and deliberate  manner (press) or in a more dynamic or explosive movement (jerk). Either  way these exercises are very good for developing overall general upper  body strength.

The pressing movements are performed without  engaging the lower body (i.e. the lower body remains stationary) while  the jerks involve both the upper and lower body (i.e. the lower body is  actively involved in propelling the weight upward). The movements should  be performed with the exerciser’s elbows underneath the hands and not,  as is commonly done, with the elbows well away from the centreline. When  the lifter performs these exercises with their elbows away from the  sides of his or her body the shoulder joint is in a destabilized  position which can, and regularly does, result in injury to the joint.  Additionally, because of the mechanical disadvantage of the elbows away  from the body position, the lifter’s performance is compromised.


Seated Press - 1​


Seated Press - 2​


Seated Press - 3​


Standing Press​




Finish Jerk and Press