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Our Classes, Programs, and Workshops

Additional Information

  • TRX Plus and TRX Classes
  • Spin and Spin Plus Classes
  • Stretch Classes​
  • Challenge Class (see description below)

​Unlimited class participation is available with our member's and non-member's Platinum Class Packages!  Resevation (48 hours) is required for all classes.  Call 250-248-3144 or see the front desk.


POWER CYCLING –  (Includes Power Cycle and Performance Cycle, or other titles) The  Indoor Cycling classes are 60 minutes and are lead by different  Instructors. In general any member, experienced or not, can participate  in Indoor Cycling classes. As we progress during the year, some  specialized classes may be offered. 

POWER CYCLING/STRENGTH -  Classes are 30 min of indoor cycling followed by 30 min of floor  exercises using different equipment. This is an intense workout, be  ready to sweat.

CIRCUIT TRAINING PROGRAM –  Circuit training is a great boredom buster. It offers more cardio  benefits, and it will help you burn 30 percent more calories. Sculpt  every muscle and blast fat with this step-by-step workout. The 45-minute  Circuit Training Class is your opportunity to be guided through the  proper and safe utilization of all the equipment and timer.

STRETCHING -  The 45-minute Stretching Class is designed for anyone who wishes to see  the benefits of improved flexibility and reduced muscular tension. 

TRX –  The TRX suspension training system uses your own body weight as  resistance; you can increase or decrease the level of resistance by  leaning deeper or shallower into an exercise. TRX is especially  effective to strengthen your core and develop muscle tonality and  definition. ANYBODY can take part in TRX Classes. As we progress during  the year, some Specialized Classes may be offered. 

ADVANCED TRX -  This class is open only to people who have reached a certain level of  proficiency as it is “pushing the envelope” to another level. The number  of TRX available limits the class size. The instructor will add your  name to the list of members that have demonstrated the capability to  take this advanced training. 

CHALLENGE CLASS - Warm up followed by athletic HIIT exercises.This new class is geared  towards participants of all ages and all fitness levels who are  interested in challenging themselves.

Come in and see for yourself. You will be happy you did!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page and here on for announcements about the next offering.​​

We  also offer one-on-one Health and Lifestyle Consultations for those  clients wishing to improve the quality of their work out experience here  at Jim's Gym.

​Finally,  we also have regular gym orientations and Health and Lifestyle  workshops on a variety of topics to provide our members with more tools  with which to enhance their health and performance.

Check out our monthly Fitness Class Schedule (above) for ongoing events and classes.