Personal Training

At Jim's Gym we consider Personal Training to be an integral component of our   overall operation.  With that in mind we have selected a small group of   highly skilled and experienced trainers to support our clients'  pursuit  of their health and fitness goals.

JD Athletics Personal Training Co. is the exclusive Personal Training team at Jim's Gym.


JD ATHLETICS Personal Training Co.

  • Does it seem like no matter how hard or often you workout, you just can’t seem to lose weight?
  • Do you find yourself questioning the effectiveness of your workout routine?
  • Do you feel stuck at a plateau and are unsure of how to progress to the next level?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then the JD Athletics Personal Training is for YOU!

Get one-on-one fitness consultations, individual or group personal training, healthy eating nutritional information and meal plans, body composition testing, rehabilitative exercise, and much more.  What matters now is focusing on your goals, identifying what you need to get there, and taking action to begin the process. Your health and happiness are important, so stand strong, believe in yourself, and let The Fit Life begin!

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Contact us today to start The Fit Life!  JD Athletics Personal Training Co. is located in Jim's Gym.


 JD (Jeremy) DiPietrantonio
Founder and Owner
JD Athletics Personal Training Co. 


Questions and Answers

1.  What is Personal Training?

As  the name suggests, Personal Training (PT) refers to personalized  training programs offered to individuals and/or small groups.  These  programs are designed to meet the specific needs of each participant in  areas such as:

  • enhanced physical fitness (aerobic, strength, and flex training)
  • weight loss or weight gain
  • injury rehabilitation (including cardiac rehab)
  • pre and post natal training
  • nutritional counselling
  • sport perfomance (for all ages)

A PT program and schedule will be established for our clients which will accomodate their schedule and needs.

2.  What kind of person should consider Personal Training?

Anyone  interested in improving their physical state and/or health profile  should conside Personal Training.  It is an excellent option for those  looking for a motivational boost, a more organized approach to their gym  training, or even simply a regular tune-up to their training program.

3.  How often should I see a Personal Trainer?

How  often one uses a Personal Trainer is really quite variable depending  upon one's individual needs and desires.  Some choose to see their PT  three times per week, others once a week.  While still others, after  solidly establishing their workout regimen, will settle into a once a  month visit with their PT.

4.  How do I choose a Personal Trainer?

The  selection of a Personal Trainer is important.  First, and foremost, it  is essential that you choose a trainer with whom you relate well to and  vice versa.  All the knowledge in the world will not make up for an  inability by the two of you to connect.  It is also important that both  you and your trainer come to an agreement on what your goals are and how  to achieve them.  Next, you need a trainer who posesses both the skills  and experience necessary to coach you to achieve your stated goals and,  finally, it is always a good thing when you enjoy the whole process.

Now,  back to the original question..  You choose your trainer by learning  what is important to you (see above) and then interviewing prospective  candidates.  If, after the interview you are still uncertain, an actual  session with a prospective candidate should help you arrive at an  appropriate choice.

5. Is Personal Training expensive?

Personal  Training can range in cost from $30 to $120 or more per session  depending upon a) the skill and experience of the trainer, b) the  quality and scope of the facility used by the trainer, c) the location  of the training site, d) the number of sessions purchased, and e) the  existing demand for the PT service.  As you will see from the PT fee  schedule below, our prices at Jim's Gym fall somewhere in the middle of  the price range.

The  value of the PT comes from its ability to enhance your experience in  the gym.  By accomplishing more in in a shorter time frame, by  indentifying your goals, achieving them more effectively, safely, and  enjoyably, and then establishing new goals, your time in the gym will be  better spent.

Most individuals who use a PT feel that, as their time is a highly valuable commodity, the cost of PT is a bargain.

6. What does Personal Training cost?

Our rates range from $30.00 to $60 per session + GST.

Prices are dependent on the package of sessions purchased.

7.  When should I begin?

If you have decided that Personal Training is right for you, then there is no time like the present!

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