Featured Exercise - Biking

Biking  can be performed indoors on stationary bikes which come in many forms.  Depending upon the experience and the goals of the user choices vary  from a standard upright bike to the more sophisticated spin cycles which  resemble an outside bike. Another indoor cycling choice, for those with  back or stability issues, would be the recumbent cycle where the user  actually sits on a seat with a back rest. The variety of choices for  outdoor cycling is just as broad. There are road bikes, mountain bikes,  touring bikes, cruiser bikes and also recumbent bikes all designed for  the specific purposes their category implies.

So why bike? In  addition to the fact that it is an environmentally friendly, inexpensive  and efficient mode of transportation, biking provides a simple, non  abusive and effective means of improving one’s health and fitness. An  appropriate cycling program can promote cardio vascular performance,  help regulate a healthy blood pressure, assist in the prevention or  control type II diabetes, help maintain a healthy body weight, and  promote normal joint function to name a few of the benefits.

Beginning  any exercise program should be done with the assistance of a trained  professional who will design an exercise program tailored to the needs  and goals of the user.