Jim's Gym members represent a broad spectrum of fitness levels, from beginner to expert, and range in age from 14 to over 90 years young.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, firm up, develop muscle mass, improve balance and/or mobility, or simply improve the quality of your life,  Jim's Gym is an ideal place for you.

At Jim's Gym, our staff are always here to help you.  We are a highly skilled group available, on the floor, to assist you with your training.  We are here to answer your health and fitness questions, show you how to use the training equipment, help you develop an effective workout routine, or simply provide you with a spot when needed.  Our staff are here to  support you in achieving your individual goals.

Our Philosophy...

...is different. We believe in taking care of our clients by providing a welcoming, safe, productive and enjoyable environment for everyone to  train in.

Membership Information

Please contact us at 250-248-3144 or through our Contact Us page for more details about our various memberships, consultations, and personal training programs available, including special membership rates for seniors, students, and our corporate members.  We also offer Unlimited Membership Packages for full gym and class access! 


Drop-ins are always welcome!